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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  November 22, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EST

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the kick is good and the redskins win it! >> that one was good and thank goodness. it was redemption for the redskins despite a slew of injuries.
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good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. first, we want to say good morning to our friend tucker barnes to find out about our forecast for today after a glorious weekend. >> what a beautiful weekend. the morning not so beautiful as we have low visibility with some fog and maybe a sprinkle. temperatures are relatively mild with the fog out there. 50degrees at reagan national. 48 in baltimore. winchester, 39 degrees. 48 for new fredericksburg. you get the idea here. the heaviest of the fog is to the city and point west and south. there, before a dense fog advisory. we can see not much of anything. a little cloud cover and it is not doing a great job picking up the fog. warm front has come through. we'll be in the warm sector for the next couple of days. yesterday's daytime highs were
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in the 50s. today, well into the 60s and tomorrow a approaching 70s. for the next couple of days, we'll be on the mild side. dense fog advisory until 11:00 a.m. becoming partly sunny and mild and a high temperature of 64 degrees. more details? just a few minutes. secretary of state clinton is said to be against at least one of those so-called intrusive airport screening measures. the tsa says it has no plans to change its security policy consisting of body scanner machines and patdowns. today, jurors in the chandra levy case are beginning their fourth day of deliberations. friday, they asked the judge for a legal definition of assault. that is important because the jury has to decide if levy was
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assaulted. the mystery of a body found in a box found on the side of the highway may be involved. police arrested marvin palencia in connection with that murder. last week, the body of jacobo vazquez was found stuffed into a box and he had been shot to death. palencia is charged with first degree murder while armed. donovan mcnabb and the redskins looked to rebound from the monday night massacre against the titans. they looked solid on both sides of the ball. gano missed a 47-yard field goal. he did redecember himself with a 48-yard game winner.
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coach shanahan talked about fighting through the injuries. >> a bunch of guys went down during the game. you found a way to win in the national football league. >> knowing what happened on monday night and for us to come out and pull it out together. it wasn't just one unit here or this guy here. i thought together we were able to pull it out. >> i think we needed to win today. i think the rest of the season will show how good of a team we are. >> it is huge. it shows we to have a lot of character and we're hard- working guys. i think this is our best overall game from head to toe and everybody stepped up and filled in and we got a big win. it was a big night for teen sensation justin beebe -- bieber awards. he scored the top honor.
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eminem and usher took home two awards. brad paisley was voted the favorite male country artist. new kid on the block took the street with the backstreet boys playing a medley of their hits. we'll take a look at your weather, traffic and all your top stories as fox 5 morning news at 4:30 begins now. the big story on this monday morning is the fog out there. you will have a tough time seeing when you step outside. we want to say good morning to tucker barnes to find out what we can expect today. i guess the mild weather brought that fog with it this morning. >> it certainly did. it will stick around through
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the morning rush. we've got a dense fog advisory. a little drizzle out there too. you can see the counties in gray so it is not the entire community. up into howard county, frederick county, anne arundel county, you are not under the fog advisory but points to the west and south sure are. that is where the worst of the fog is. let's look at the satellite- radar. we won't see much of anything. we had a warm front that came through during late afternoon yesterday. it brought some cloudiness. with the winds out of the south today, we'll be in for a mild one. we'll see a little sunshine developing during the course of the day. high temperatures will top out in the low to mid-60s. that will feel pretty good. even tomorrow, we'll keep the warming trend intact as we get into tuesday afternoon. the forecast, not a bad one once you get the fog out of
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here with partial sunshine and high temperatures in washington about 64 degrees. that is well above average. >> i have a feeling things are going to change here. >> towards the end of the week. >> thank you. let's check the roads with julie. hope you had a good weekend. good morning to you. >> yeah, nice weekend. roadways dealing with drizzle this morning and a lot of fog so allow some extra time out there on the roads. so far, so good. the trip south on 270 uneventful headed toward the lane divide. overnight construction on the beltway near 66 in the process of being cleared off the beltway as you travel between tyson's and 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story, the frenzy continues over those controversial airport security screening measures as the thanksgiving holiday travel season approaches. sarah simmons is live this morning.
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she is at reagan national with the latest on this. >> reporter: air travel has already started to build over the weekend so people are coming in already for the thanksgiving holiday and they are really starting to get that first taste of what the tsa screening procedures are really going to be like, those controversial body scan machines that we've talked about, the intense patdowns. some travelers that we have had talked with said they don't believe necessarily that those scanning machines or the patdowns are that intrusive but the problem is they say that they are not sure what is going on. they are not being told about the process as they are going through it. now, the transportation security administration chief john pistole over the weekend says he knows some passengers are uncomfortable with this. but at this point, the tsa has no plan to change their policy but they will try to make them as minimally invasive as possible. he tried to make his explanation on this youtube video as to what people can
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expect. >> you have the option to request that the patdown be requested in a private room. you have the option to have that witnessed by a person of that choice. >> no one offered me that but i'm not so sure i want a private one. i think i want to stand out there where everyone can see me while they're patting me down. >> reporter: also, secretary of state hillary clinton talking about over the weekend if she had her choice, she wouldn't want to do a patdown either, didn't feel that anybody would. at the same time, she said she understood that the tsa needed to do what it had to to ensure the safety of the flying public. president obama has also said as well that he believes that the tsa has told him that they really feel this is the most effective way in order to keep the public safe from another
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incident like last christmas with the underwear bomber. sarah simmons, back to you. >> thank you. the jury in the chandra levy murder case begins its fourth day of deliberations today. ingmar guandique is facing two counts of murder for the 2001 disappearance and death of the one-time washington intern. chandra levy's case has become an international sensation after the apparent romantic relationship with congressman gary condit. the mystery of the body found in a box on the side of the highway may have been involved. police arrested marvin palencia in connection with that murder. jacobo vazquez was shot to death. he was been reported missing from his home just a few days before. a man is behind bars accused of stabbing an off-duty prince george's county police officer in the stomach. police say the officer was working a security detail at a
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restaurant when a scuffle broke out between two patrons. the officer apparently tried to get one of the patrons to leave. when he tried to do that, the patron pulled out a knife and stabbed the officer in the stomach. the officer is recovering this morning. police are investigating an accident in germantown. a motorcyclist lost control and flew off the bike. bike then rocketed through the intersection. two cars hit it but no one in the cars was injured. the motorcyclist was killed. the skins showed some true grit for what could be the best all-around game of the season. the burgundy and gold would respond despite ate rash of injuries through the game. the first way donovan mcnabb touchdown pass to santana moss and then gano had a 48-yard
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field goal. >> it was a tough week. thank god it was a short week. you knew they would play extremely hard. you are hoping with injuries you are able to find a way to win. >> for the team really to rally behind each other knowing what happened on monday night and the way we played. for us to come out into a game like this where we knew it was a battle and for us to pull it out together. it wasn't just one unit here or this guy here, i thought together we were able to pull it out. >> reporter: dave ross will be here to break down the skins' win in our monday morning quarterback segment. more than two dozen miners trapped underground and rescuers still can't get into that mine and they are delivering even more bleak news this morning. d.c.'s former archbishop donald wuerl is in rome for a very special ceremony with the pope. you are watching fox 5 news. we'll take a break and come right back. 
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making headlines this morning, there is grim new from new zealand. rescuers say the 29 miners trapped underground may not have survived that blast but they are keeping an open mine. rescue crews have not been able to go into the mine because of poisonous gases. they are drilling a small shaft to test the air and are prepared to send in a robot to take pictures. d.c.'s former archbishop donald wuerl is officially a cardinal. he is celebrating mass with the hope. all 24 men received a ring symbolizing fidelity to the pope and to the church. up on capitol hill, there is not much time left in this lame duck session of congress and lawmaker have a do the --
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have a lot to deal with. all of the matters, the obama administration would like to see addressed before closing the books on the 111th congress and losing the democratic power in the house. the taliban still lurks around every corner. recently, the taliban called the nato plan a failure. among the obstacles to the 2014 deadline, installing and building up the afghan deadline which is taking longer than planned. there are new developments in the case against those two american hikers imprisoned in iran and accused of spying. the court system there has pushed back their trial until february. it was supposed to begin earlier this month. a third hiker, sarah shourd, has already been freed because
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she is ill. a rocket carrying a secret surveillance satellite was launched from cape canaveral, florida over the weekend. the commercial launch company says it will support the military's national defense commission. the delta four heavy is the nation's most powerful liquid fueled rocket. if you haven't shopped for thanksgiving dinner just yet, get ready for more bad news at the grocery store. we'll have that when we come back. a big night in musical entertainment. we'll have that when we come back. it is foggy out there. i'll have the details on a rather good-looking forecast. and julie wright has your traffic in just a minute.
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welcome back. it is foggy out there today. so just allow yourself a little bit of extra time this morning. it was a big night for teen sensation justin bieber. he scored the honor of top artist of the year. brad paisley was voted favorite male country artist. the night closed with a blast from the boy band past. new kid on the block took the
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stage with the pack street boys playing their medley of hits. >> that is almost embarrassing. they're getting too old for that. >> they're like the back street men, old men. >> justin bieber, 16 years old. >> you've got his album. >> not yet. >> you will have it when those girls get old enough. >> no, they won't. it was foggy out there coming in, especially for me. >> visibility about a half mile at dulles. it will take several hours to burn the fog off. it will be a slow commute for those of you going to work this morning. there is your fog advisory. that includes the district and points generally to the west and to the south. you can see north and west of town, we are not dealing with the fog advisory. so if you are up into howard county, frederick county, up towards columbia, frederick, no fog advisory for you. out toward leesburg, reston, fredericksburg, all the counties here in gray, you do
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have the fog advisory. it will hang around until 11:00 a.m. across the bay, out toward stevensville, also under a fog advisory. visibility is expected to fall to less than 1/4 of a mile. recent observations reporting about a half mile. bad news is the fog. good news is the temperatures, nice and mild. 50degrees at reagan national. 48 in gaithersburg. annapolis, 48. leonardtown, 48. there are some 0s well off to the north and west off into the mountains of winchester. -- there are some 30s well off to the north and west off into the mountains of winchester. we had a warm front come through. our winds have shifted. with winds out of the south, it will be a very decent day today. we'll see some sunshine this afternoon and warmer temperatures. yesterday, the upper 50s.
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today, low to mid-60s. looking for an afternoon high of about 64 degrees. out to the west, see the rain showers out west of cleveland and columbus. they will get in here late that the day tomorrow. ahead of a cold front on tuesday, it will be nice and mild for the next couple of days. once we get rid of the fog, nice afternoon, partly sunny and mild. winds out of the south now at five to 10. overnight tonight, partly cloudy skies with a little fog redeveloping during the overnight. 50 the overnight low. we stay mild through the overnight hours. here is your five-day forecast. i insofar everybody is getting out of town. tomorrow, near 70 with late day showers with that frontal system. wednesday a little cooler, 56. thursday, we cloud up again with more rain showers as that frontal system gets driven break on top of us. much cool are by friday and saturday. highs only in the mid-40s. julie wright has the latest for
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us. >> did gurvir just say the girls can't have a justin bieber album. >> i think i'm delusional in thinking i'm going to control what these girls do and don't do. >> you can't keep them hooked on merle haggard forever. >> true. >> tucker does a mean karaoke of justin bieber. he really does. lands are open this morning out -- lanes are open this morning out of hyattstown. allow extra time out there on the roads with the fog. so far, incident-free south on 270. the good news is overnight construction as cleared off the beltway on both the inner and outer loop traveling between 66 and gallows road. coming in from 50 fair oaks,
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all lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. if you've already done your thanksgiving shopping, good for you. if you haven't, you are going to be in for a little bit of sticker shock because you will see that prices are higher than usual. peter deucey has more. >> reporter: after thanksgiving dinner, everybody always feels a little heavier but this year, people's wallets will be a little lighter. that is because the average price of a thanksgiving dinner for 10 is up 1.3% this year. that is according to the american farm bureau federation who breaks it down like this. three-pound bags of sweat potatoes, up 7 cents, pie shells up 12 cents. turkeys, up 28%. we visited a poultry farm and they explained to us that their customers are going to notice the bird costs a little more because it costs farmers so much more to raise them. >> the more turkeys we raise, the more chickens we raise, the
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more feed we need and as a result we raise our prices on the meat but they got to eat. >> reporter: laura told us she doesn't think a 20-cent per pound increase on turkeys is going to lead a lot of people to cancel thanksgiving dinner this week and they've had very few cancellations so far. economists say the real problem this week isn't going to have anything to do with the cost of food but rather the cost of getting around. >> the big are problem for thanksgiving is actually the cost of getting to grandma's -- the bigger problem for thanksgiving is actually the cost of getting to grandma's. >> reporter: americans aren't likely to be thankful for the high prices since so many people are struggling this year but i should point out green peas are down 14 presents and stuffing is down a penny. in new york, peter deucey, fox news. the day after thanksgiving is one. the biggest shopping days of the holiday season and even though unemployment numbers are still around 9%, store manager are feeling hopeful and predict sales to increase this year.
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to get people in the buying mood, they are offering carol ores and cookies. residents in montgomery county can now buy liquor on sunday as part of a pat riley -- a pilot program that allows stores to remain open. >> there are budget shortfalls and whatever work for the county, i think they should -- i don't think it will hurt anybody. >> some county councilmembers think this could pull in another $2 million in revenue every year. but councilman george leventhal think since beer and wine are already available, people will just buy hard liquor on sunday instead of during the week.
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now to a health alert for parents whose children play football. other than a small hit during a football game can cause significant damage. researchers at the university of south florida say several small hits over time can lead to significant long-term brain damage. they are sub-concussive injuries. here is a sobering statistic. experts say every 35 seconds, somebody in the united states dies from cardiovascular disease. for some, it is genetic. but doctors say there is a lot you can do to offset heart disease and even survive a heart attack. we have a report.
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>> i felt clammy. bizarrely, my back hurt. my shoulder blades actually were in pain. >> reporter: at age 55, charlottesville resident jeff counter was vague heart tax. >> a heart attack happens when blood is blocked off from the heart muscle. the quicker we can get blood flow back, the better off the patient does. >> reporter: the decision to get to the hospital paid off. >> they insisted i stay overnight. by morning, they had the results of the second test which showed i had had an acute myocardial infarction. >> that is the fancy name for a heart attack. this is blood trying to get through to the heart but it can't because it is blocked. once they place a stent in
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there, the blood can get through. >> think of this as a traffic jam blocks this off immediately and no cars can get by and all the muscle downtreatment doesn't get oxygen and starts to die. >> reporter: this is why says recognizing the symptoms is so important because every second counts. symptoms usually include a tight innocence the chest, shortness of breath. but in women, the symptoms can be different such as lower and upper abdominal pain as well as back pain. >> we tell our patients, you are always better safe than sorry. if you have any symptoms such as that, the best thing to do is call 911 and come in and get revaluated. >> reporter: not everyone makes it to the hospital and more than 100,000 people die every year from heart attacks. so what can you do to prevent this from happening to you? cardiologys recommend getting daily exercise and eating a healthy diet, getting regular check-ups, keeping a close eye on your cholesterol and blood
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pressure and taking and aspirin each day to keep blood from clotting. counter has had two more stents put in but thanks to a medically supervised diet and exercise program, he is feeling better than ever. he admits it was a wake-up call. >> i had smoked for 25 years sorrow but quit probably i guess six years ago. i think it is a combination of genetics and bad habits. i look at thing as a little bit differently, i guess. i try to take things a little less seriously. work is less important. family is more important. >> a big early season showdown for the georgetown hoyas. that is coming up next. another night without
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rookie sent station john wall for the wizards. did they have enough to overpower the pistons. highlights coming up.
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the wizards without john wall for a fourth straight game on the road against the pistons last night. second half, gilbert arenas drives for two of his 19 points. he had a career-high 16 16 assists. the game would go into overtime. the wiz fall to detroit 115- 110. to college hoops, championship game of the classic. georgetown and nc state.


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